WillrockerPES 6/WE 10 Nuevo Patch Mundial de 1990
Hola amigos, buenas!
Cómo están todos?

Che, les comparto el nuevo patch de PES6 con el Mundial de 1990!!!


PES 6 FIFA World Cup 1990 - is global patch for PES 6 with tournament FIFA World Cup 1990!
Main Info:

-Extracted & modified from PES 6 History of Euro & World Cup's '88-'06 patch by chule&duzizou and from PES 6 FIFA World Cup 1994 patch by Shahruddin Lahading.

-Customized by B-Zero. =)


?Menu graphics & background music from retro games.

?All 24 national teams participated in 1990 FIFA World Cup.

?Teams location sorted according to actual groups.

?All kits & alternate combination in HD.

?Faces & hair (HD) for most players.

?Boots for all players.

?Fixed formation & players stats.

?Chants to all Nationals teams.

?Callnames for most popular players.

?1990 FIFA World Cup scoreboard.

?1990 FIFA World Cup venues (12 stadiums - 5 in HD).

?1990 FIFA World Cup balls (Adidas Questra and Final).

?1990 FIFA World Cup referee kit.

?1990 FIFA World Cup players numbers.

?1990 FIFA World Cup Themes songs.

?HD FIFA World Cup trophy.

?Correct Team Colours Radar.

?Skin Corrections.

?Updated Nationals Flags.

?Goals Celebrattions for most popular players.

?Referees Real Names (Exhibition Mode).

?All Official Glovers to GK.

?AI Improvements.


- This in an exclusive patch of the tournament FIFA World Cup Italy 1990.

- Only the 24 national teams of 1990 FIFA World Cup can be used.

- Other teams are not available & other modes are not playable.

- For exhibition match, only two scoreboard can be used.

Page of author of patch at Youtube : B-Zero










??Chule & Duzizou


??Guilherme PES6 Eterno

??La Maquina Retro

??Marcos Reus





??Renan Velho

??Shahruddin Lahading



??William Bezerra

??World Stadiums PES6


??All editors (faces/balls/boots/kits/stadiums)



1. Path for option file is "My Documents\WC90OF\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1". Option file setup automatically by installer!

Installer by B-Zero © 2022

Downloads links here:

??Download Patch WC 1990 version * 02/15/2023*:

1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/12ZlXI5P...share_link

2 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SlkaSnF...share_link

3 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sHvXQHl...share_link


Canal B-Zero (RetroGames)
For Those About to Rock...We Salute You!
Muchas Gracias por compartir.  

Se ve muy bien  :35:

Mucho Mejor que el Otro que tenia equipos de esa epoca e incluso eliminados, solo falta meter musica de ese torneo o epoca y listo.
Muchas gracias amigos.

Voy hacer un update de las faces & hairs (+30 nuevos en HD) y voy subir en el mismo video los nuevos enlaces de G-Drive.

Avisare a todos cuando listo.

Canal B-Zero (RetroGames)
For Those About to Rock...We Salute You!
Te paso luego musica del Juego del Mundial y Musica de la Epoca para tu Update.
Seria bueno reemplazar la musica de tu parche por esta.
Gracias crack! Ahi me fijo

Canal B-Zero (RetroGames)
For Those About to Rock...We Salute You!
Links updated!!


Canal B-Zero (RetroGames)
For Those About to Rock...We Salute You!
(03-25-2022, 01:30 AM)Willrocker escribió: Links updated!!


¿Que le cambiaste?
(03-25-2022, 03:08 AM)Rossy PESManiac escribió:
(03-25-2022, 01:30 AM)Willrocker escribió: Links updated!!


¿Que le cambiaste?

Hay + 30 nuevas faces en HD 
2 musicas nuevas con los temas del Mundial de 90

Saludos amigo!  :22:

Canal B-Zero (RetroGames)
For Those About to Rock...We Salute You!

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