dj90History of SerieA patch v2 [1897-2010]
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I've the pleasure to present you guys the last version of the
"History of Serie A" OF, this time taking a journey since the first team who won a championship in Italy to current 09/10 champions. Actually, this is just much more than a OF, it's a piece of italian football history.

So here are the novelties:
- historical correct tactics for every team, plus updated kits, faces and stats for the teams and players who needed it.

Regarding the tactics, we opted to make the following approach, sometimes changed in order to respect some teams tactical singularities:

1897-1934: 2-3-5 (classic pyramid system)
1934-1965: Sistema (Pozzo's tactic: 2-3-2-3), Metodo (it's basically a W-M: 3-2-2-3), some forms of pre-catenaccio, usually a 1-3-3-3)
1965-final 1970's: Various forms of catenaccio influenced system, but generally more attack-minded and sporting a 1-3-4-2.
Final 1970's to 1987/88: Zona Mista: the libero isn't now a fixed position, when the team is attacking he plays in midfield: you can make this in the OF using the strategic option "CB Overlap". It's also a 1-3-4-2, with some variations according to each team.
1987/88-2010: Sacchi's zone and high pressure game marks the transition to flat four defenses, with some notable exceptions. So expect in this time frame lots of different systems, some very pressure orientated and with defenders high up the field and vice versa. So you will have: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-3-1-2, 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2, etc, etc.

And the following new teams:
- Genoa 1897 (first team to won a Scudetto)
- Casale 1913-14 (very small team, won a mitical Scudetto)
- US Novese 1921-22 (won a Scudetto federale, the only one to happen in italian football history)
- FC Vado 1921-22 (first winner of Coppa Italia)
- Pro Vercelli 1922-23 (a legend of pre 1930s football, this was Pro Vercelli's last Scudetto win)
- Salernitana 47-48 (the man who introduced in Italy catenaccio: Gipo Vianni: vianema)
- Triestina 47-48 (first team coached by panchina legend Nereo Rocco who also employed a form of pre-catenaccio)
- Inter 52-53 (coached by Alfredo Foni this was the first big team to play with a catenaccio based tactic)
- Catania 1960-61 (mytical team who deprived Inter of a championship win: "clamoroso al cibali)
- AC Milan 93-94 (remember? Scudetto, Champions, 4-0 al Barça)
- Lazio 2003-04 (this one was asked by some italian friends: bankrupt club and no money to pay the players, but the team showed great unity and played some great attacking football)
- Lecce 2004/05 (Zeman's attacking football madness!: for the first time the team with the worst defence managed to survive in the history of Serie A: they finished in Top 10)
- Inter 2009-10 (like it or not, and despite all the shenanigans, Mourinho has put everyone talking about him in Italy: this is probably his last championship victory in Italy).

Final credits:
The original makers of this OF: "I Fratelli d'Italia". John Lennon for his OF. The makers of the "Legends" patch. Don Sweey for his support and help in putting the files online.

Best regards!
Guiferrari and HMTR


- kits for all teams
- HD emblems for all teams
- chants for all teams
- HD stadiums for most teams (with retro adboards)
- 3 italian retro scoreboards
- face & hair pack
- boot pack
- ball pack
- superstar level
- italian retro music in menu
- menu with italian motives
- two italian refrees (Collina & Rosetti)
- italian refrees kits (Diadora)
- old italian currency in Master league (Lire)
- Shollym and normal gameplay

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part1 part2 part3 part4 part5

part1 part2 part3 part4 part5

part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7


put scoreboard which you want in dat folder in kitserver

Tele+ download preview
Rai Uno download preview
Rai Due download preview


- merge downloaded files parts with hjsplit and than unrar
- replace old 0_sound, i_sound and opmov with new in dat folder
- put kitserver and exe in instalation directory
- install kitserver
- then start game and exit, game will create folder italia1
- put OF in this folder (my documents>konami>Pro evolution soccer 6> save>italia1)


Ian Ray78
FdL 1899
and others

Really great work my friends.
Thank you very much for sharing your patch here.
Let's try it :123:
Congrats for the patch! It seems to be really interesting.
Good Job!!
Thank you! :123:
Mis Kits

La vida es aquello que te va sucediendo mientras estás ocupado haciendo otros planes.

Simply Perfect :75:!

thanks :123:
Good Job!!
Thank you!
por este hermoso parche
Página A.C Milán PesRetro (Milán 1 - 0 Chievo Verona)
Se segna il Pazzo Non ci rompete il cazzo, se segna il Pazzo non ci rompete el cazzo, godo, godo come un pazzo.
v3 soon

any reupload these

(12-27-2012, 11:58 AM)dj90 escribió: any have these 3:

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alguien tiene la carpeta uni? podra pasarla, gracias de antemano
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