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My friend sorry for double post but there is any chance you make this number for Santos 2016 new kappa kits?

[Imagen: Y6FWBrT.jpg]
Excellent work 149
Friend please can make this number and font

[Imagen: 7fMqVUR.png]

[Imagen: 356HBOZ.png]

in this red color?

[Imagen: yHsHl4C.png]

I need them for complete CA Independiente 2016 gdb.
[Imagen: xu9H0sB.png]

[Imagen: fjfwuIK.png]

About Santos nums, I can't make it, I only convert nums from other PES/FIFA versions.
PUMA 2016 generic fonts nums


[Imagen: DDGOSp1.png]
[Imagen: j8Ny4WO.png]
[Imagen: pYIRJSs.png]
[Imagen: YyLcz15.png]
[Imagen: vwqeVYN.png]
[Imagen: RNwKX0O.png]


[Imagen: DbJHAej.png]
[Imagen: wCE4lEH.png]
[Imagen: bxlG4Xi.png]
[Imagen: z2kRh5a.png]
[Imagen: Ol5wXhI.png]
[Imagen: Te7HjRv.png]


- PES 2013 fonts by ???? - edited by me
- FIFA16 nums by makispla - edited by me
Mil thanks man!!!
Fantastic work!!!!!!!
Do you have AS Saint Etienne uel fonts/num. I need them to fixed gdb made by k1998. If not i will send you fonts and nums from pes2013 to convert. Thanks in advance.
My version of Arsenal numbers

[Imagen: 6VA24ip.png]
[Imagen: 3R896kQ.png]
[Imagen: xaKdZBz.png]
[Imagen: qcmZvCB.png]
[Imagen: BDsW8Zz.png]
[Imagen: byqUE3Y.png]

Credits to Adrioliv for the FIFA16 nums
Quilmes AC numbers

[Imagen: k5l1jvz.png]

[Imagen: BXP9QpD.png]

If someone have their kits, please send me 134
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